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What’s a Nanny Share?
A nanny share consists of two families sharing one nanny that cares for both their children.

Share your nanny with another family. Enjoy attentive care and have playmates for your kids, all at a reasonable cost.

The most common ways to set up your nanny share:


Your nanny watches both families’ kids together



You can have a nanny that watches both kids together at one of your homes.


Your nanny splits time between two families

You can split your nanny’s hours with another family to fit around your schedule.

Why a nanny share is the right choice for your family

Piggy Bank

Affordable child care

Enjoy the flexibility and luxuries of having a nanny for a fraction of the cost.

A Natural Girl

Everyday Playmates

Together kids can learn how to share, compromise, and adapt.


Flexible schedule

Break out of fixed daycare schedules and set times that work best for both families’ needs.

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