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Finding a nanny can be an overwhelming process for a family. Agencies can provide many services that or Sittercity cannot. Some families choose the DIY option for hiring a nanny, however many families are realizing that online services can be more of a headache then they signed up for. That’s where agencies come in.

Not all agencies are the same and depending on what city you are conducting your search could mean you have a lot of different options. Every agency is different and offer different services that work with the many unique needs of families and we totally understand that. We encourage families to call a few different agencies before deciding on whether or not Hotel Kid Care is a fit for them for this very reason.

At the end of the day which ever service you choose, online service or one-on-one nanny agency, we’ve come up with a list of three things we feel are the top reasons to use an agency over an online service.

Reason Number One: we do the work for you.

Less stress more joy! & Sittercity are DIY services and this might work for some families, however with the hundreds of resumes that are available online , in combination with your busy work schedule and family life, sitting down and doing the search yourself can become tedious and overwhelming. Having an agency that you trust to sift through option for your family gives you more time to spend with your family. A good agency like Modern Minders will do everything for you. That list of 30 resumes in your inbox will suddenly go down to five. We take care of all the screening, come up with job descriptions, reference checking, scheduling, contracts, trials and most importantly background checks.

Reason Number Two: vetting.

A nanny agency is only sending you candidates that they have personally met and interviewed and/or have a personal working relationship with. Hotel Kid Care's nannies are typically nannies that we’ve worked with in the past or referred to by other nannies and families that we worked with. The vetting process is more in depth and typically the process of finding your forever nanny goes from being overwhelming and tiring to super easy and smooth. If you do choose to use an online service, we highly suggest you pay the extra money to get the proper background checks and make sure you read the fine print in what they cover. Many of these services don’t offer this without spending a little extra money. When you hire an agency you are paying for the peace of mind knowing that these are done 100 percent of the time and included in your placement.

Reason Number Three: you’re actually getting trained professionals.

Nannies who are registering with an agency are career driven. They have chosen to be a nanny or caregiver or Family Assistant/ or Assistant as their career. Agencies have minimum requirements so you know that the person you are meeting has formal training and background working in private homes. A nanny agency is only sending you people who are interested in your position, understand your family’s unique dynamic and position. Whether you are looking for a college educated nanny, a super seasoned nanny with 10 + year of experience, or working with special needs an agency can find your perfect person in half the time to support your family.

If what you are looking for is a more hands-on, one-on- one approach an agency is the way to go all the way 100%.

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